Blog Traffic Challenge Q1 2020 REPLAY

Collection of trainings from our Q1 quarterly 4-week Blog Traffic Challenges!

If you missed out on the Q1 Blog Traffic Challenge, this is your chance to take advantage of everything you missed!

In this REPLAY PACKAGE, you'll find all of the video trainings, expert interviews, blog audits, and more that was part of the 4-week blogging challenge.

- Over 6 hours of VIDEO trainings + presentations
- Lessons on blog traffic, Pinterest, SEO, content creation, email marketing, and more
- 3 interviews with expert bloggers + Q&A
- 4 blog audits with video walkthrough
- Bonus resource lists to help you promote your blog + increase traffic

Once you hit the button below, you'll have unlimited access to all of the video recordings, expert interviews, PDFs, and audits that were included in the challenge!

"I stumbled upon Cate’s Becoming a Blogger Group on Facebook completely by accident — and all I can say is that the universe must have been on my side that day. Cate has been an absolute godsend! I have grabbed every free resource she has put out, and I'm always wanting more. When she offered me the invitation to participate in her 2020 Blog Traffic Challenge, I jumped at the chance. I had just launched my food blog, Serving up Spice, so it was perfect timing. Thanks to her coaching and mentor-ship, I started my blogging journey off with a HUGE surge of growth that I know I can maintain if I continue to implement her advice and tips!"

- Taylor Smith
Serving Up Spice

"I wanted to personally thank you for all of the AMAZING knowledge I gained in taking this challenge. I learned so many techniques that I can apply to making my blog the best it can be. As well as better time management in turning out content and pins for promoting on Pinterest. I can’t wait to take on the affiliate challenge.

Thank you again!"

- Megan Pachasa

"I've taken many eCourses and done lots of research, but when I signed up for this challenge, I could tell it was going to be different than anything I had ever done. And sure enough, I was right. This challenge was soooo incredibly helpful and it actually helped me make some pretty aggressive decisions with my blog.

My favorite part of the challenge were the live trainings, especially since they involved multiple guest speakers (it's nice to get different perspectives on a single topic). Plus they were live so I was able to ask my questions and have them answered right away! That's why I made sure to attend them all live (because I ask lots of questions 🤣)

So yes, this challenge was awesome and I am so thankful for everything I learned. It was not your typical eCourse or training, and was more hands on, which is how I learn best. So thank you so much Cate for putting this together!!!"

- Lucy Reyes
Cheers to Life Blogging

I chose to package up all the goodness from this challenge because I don't want all of this strategic blog training to go to waste now that the 4-week challenge has ended!

Take advantage of this awesome deal and the wealth of knowledge from some of the greatest and most successful bloggers on the block!

Your Instructor

Cate Rosales
Cate Rosales

Cate is the instructor behind this school and owner + educator behind the award-winning blog

Cate is an online business manager turned blogger, who teaches people how to start, grow, and monetize their own blogs.

She's a passionate teacher and lives to educate and inspire bloggers, helping them to reach their income goals and live life on their own terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the challenge replay?
Lifetime access, it's all yours boo! You'll have access to all of the training within this replay package for as long as it lives!
Do I need to make any additional purchases along with the course?
Nope. Everything that you need is included here in these modules. It's all super straight-forward educational trainings, interviews, and audits - no additional purchases are needed. Supplemental resources are available in the resource list in the final module, but those are all 100% optional!
Do you offer refunds?
Due to the digital nature of this product, and the fact that you have access to view and download everything at the moment of purchase, we do not offer refunds on this purchase. However, we definitely want to make sure that you're happy with the products and services that we provide, so if you have any feedback for us, please send us an email so that we can improve our offerings.

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